We recently rented a pair of vintage 1073's from Dreamhire in New York so that we could do some updated comparisons with our model X73 mic pre/equalizer. We compared various graphic data on an Audio Precision audio analyer and are making it available here for interested parties to view.


The graph on the right shows a Vintech X73 vs. a vintage Neve 1073 in tests comparing each unit's frequency response while boosting various midrange eq points to maximum gain. The curves show results of boosting from left to right, 360hz, 700hz, 1.6 khz, 3.2 khz, 4.8 khz and 7.2 khz. The X73 is shown in red and the 1073 is shown in green.


transformer distortion graphs











This graph shows the frequency response comparison between the X73 and the vintage 1073 at an output level of +4 dbm.













This graph illustrates the total harmonic distortion plus noise @ +19dbm of the X73 vs the 1073. Once again, the X73 is in red and the 1073 is in green.


















Blind shoot out of Vintech vs. Neve conducted Jan. 16th in Nashville with Chuck Ainlay and others... Click here to see the results.


Vintech Audio is not afilliated with AMS Neve LTD.