Vintech Vs. Neve Listening Tests

In each of the following listening tests you will hear four playbacks of a musical performance clip. Three of the clips were recorded with vintage Neve 1073 modules and one of the clips was recorded with a Vintech X73 preamp. In each case one mic was passively split to all four preamps so that each preamp could amplify the same exact performance utilizing the same exact microphone. The only variable is the preamps.

Please take this listening test and then at the bottom of the page you will find a link to a page that provides all of the answers to the test.

Electric Guitar


Acoustic Bass




Female vocal


Acoustic Piano


Acoustic Guitar (sorry, cheap miniatrue acoustic)


Ensemble Recording


Answers to test
























Vintech Audio is not afilliated with AMS Neve LTD.


Frank Filipetti (above)during tracking for the Vintech vs Neve shootout.

Anton Fig (below) played drums on the ensemble recording.




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